Information about Deploying Bare Metal Clusters for Kubernetes, Open Shift and k OVN

Deploying Kubernetes on bare metal.

Standing up a simulated bare metal cluster using dev-scripts

dev-scripts is a collection of bash scripts and ansible code on github to deploy a kubernetes simulated bare metal cluster. The cluster is deployed on a bare metal server. the cluster is deployed with k-OVN. Each of the master and worker nodes are actually VMs each of which is running on the BM host.

Dev Scripts on git hub.

Google doc on using dev-scripts to deploy cluster.

Red Hat document about manually standing up Open Shift on bare metal.

Deploying OpenShift on Bare Metal on User Provisioned Infrastructure (UPI) introduced in OCP 4.0

This method provisions a cluster including both bare metal nodes and VM nodes. It is a Red Hat document on how to providion Open Shift 4 on UPI (User Provisioned Infrastructure)

Deploying a UPI Environment for Openshift 4.1 on VMS and Bare Meta.