HOWTO run the e2e test suite locally

Running the OpenShift / Kubernetes e2e test suite against a “local” cluster is easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Check out

  2. make WHAT=cmd/openshift-tests

  3. Ensure the KUBECONFIG environment variable is set. Then, you can run a test or a suite

Running a single test

use the run-test subcommand. Pass it the full test name, with all the brackets. e.g.

    _output/local/bin/linux/amd64/openshift-tests run-test \
    "[Conformance][Area:Networking][Feature:Router] The HAProxy router should expose prometheus metrics for a route [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel/minimal]"

GCP credentials

You might need to extract credentials if you’re running on GCP. This should do the trick:

oc -n openshift-machine-api get secret gcp-cloud-credentials -o jsonpath='{.data.service_account\.json}' | base64 -d > gcp-key.json
export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=$(pwd)/gcp-key.json

Running a test suite

use the run subcommand

    run  kubernetes/conformance

You can get the list of test-suites with --help. If you’re doing network hacking, then the most useful suites are kubernetes/conformance and openshift/conformance.